Something Crunchy (2017)

13min   |   English 

Director:  Fred Cavender

Writers: Fred Cavender

Starring: Bess Davies, Rob Lawrence, Jair Massiah, Heather Ancliff, Chris Assheton-Blair


Chris Olson, UK Film Review

"In a world where the truth is an increasingly elusive concept, short thriller Something Crunchy, from writer/director Fred Cavender, is a topical and technically impressive piece. Focusing on the investigations of freelance journalist Robyn (Bess Davies), the story unravels like a classic crime caper but for the modern age...

The themes of a film are often the cornerstones of the storytelling, and in Cavender's story there is plenty to chew on. Furthermore, by wrapping this up in a thriller setting, there is an urgency throughout which is effective in making these themes feel bolder, more impactful. With a captivating aesthetic and tone there is a huge amount to enjoy about this short."

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