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Terms & Conditions

A few things to know

Our platform was set up in order to help filmmakers get more eyes on their films. We work with filmmakers to help promote their work to new audiences and, in some cases, make some money along the way. 

All our agreements with filmmakers are non-exclusive. Feel free to sell your film elsewhere, but make sure if you choose to add it to our channel it does not breach agreements you have elsewhere. We take no responsibility for contracts your film has with other platforms. 

All films can be removed from the platform at any point, without a reason being given. This goes for the filmmaker and for UK Film Channel. We do require one month's notice should you wish to remove your film, and we will provide you with one month's notice should we decide to remove your film - as long as it has been added already.

UK Film Channel reserves the right to refuse to add any film without needing to provide you with a reason.

Any money made by filmmakers via UK Film Channel is to be paid via PayPal on a monthly basis. Payments will be sent during the first week of the month. Filmmakers choose how much to charge per rental. The split is 75% goes to the filmmaker and we keep 25%. Please note: any transaction costs from PayPal will be paid by the filmmakers.

Whilst we aim to promote all films on our website via our social media channels, this is not always possible due to scheduling conflicts. You can promote the film and tag our profiles though - we love that.

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