Three Wise Men - Parallel Lives


Sada Rajiah, Desire Prevost


Best Documentary

There’s no denying the next century will be defined by the answers to one big question: how do we solve our dire energy crisis? The answer may have been right under our noses. Electricity is often credited by the mainstream to Edison and Franklin, but “Three Wise Men: Parallel Lines” prove more to the story. For one, the story is not yet over.

Featuring in-depth insight into the journeys of 3 men - born countries apart, generations apart “Parallel Lines” explores the almost mythical connection they share in shaping Earth’s technological standing and sustainability - past, present and future. Because regardless of where and when these men were born, they all have one thing in common: they were encouraged from a young age to envision a better world.

Three Wise Men - Parallel Lives

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Three Wise Men - Parallel Lives