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Free Movies December 2019

Free Movies in December 2019

December marked a huge moment for UK Film Channel. It marked the start of our official partnership with the wonderful Beeston Film Festival, and also gave our free movies section a huge boost!

The Beeston Film Festival has been going for many years and is a popular destination for short films in particular. Our partnership with them means that any movie that has been, or is in the future, an official selection can get automatic placement on our VOD platform.

So what new free movies have been added?

New titles include:

  • Oceanic Aliens

  • Go With God

  • Pete

  • The Casting of an Innocent Women

  • The 38 to Hackney

Each of these films have also been reviewed by UK Film Review (or reviews are pending) so our users will be able to see what star rating they achieve from their film critics. We will also include a snippet of the official review on each movie's subpage with a link to where you can read more if you wish.

Within the Beeston Film Festival section, you will also find a few movies which have been added as part of our rentals area. Whilst these are not free movies, they are brilliant films some of which are award-winning.

They include:

  • Those Who Can Die

  • Nobody Dies Here

  • Jenna

  • Amour du Reel

  • The Fire, A Fowl, and an (un)Forgotten Past

We will most likely be adding more titles when the next Beeston event takes place, so check back nearer the time and be sure to follow us and the festival on social media.

Another Addition to the Free Movies Section

Not only did we add a selection of Beeston movies to our channel this month, but we also added the 4-star animated comedy LeSeurdmin! A glorious feature-length free movie that is more tongue in cheek than most - because it's a lizard tongue, right?!

To access all of these free movies you can visit the dedicated section using the menu. Once there you can also find directions to subcategories for different genres, such as free horror films, free documentaries, and free comedy films (which is where you will be able to find LeSeurdmin by the way).

As always, we encourage fans and users of UK Film Channel to help support indie films by sharing the heck out of anything you watch. The filmmakers really appreciate shout outs and it encourages others to consider adding their movies. If you tag @ukfilmchannel we will like your post (if we don't you have our permission to call us out).

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