5 Free Movies to Watch on the UK Film Channel

Finding places to watch free movies in the UK can be difficult. Unless you are willing to pay a subscription service or trawl through advert-loaded YouTube channels, fans of paying nothing are left without much choice...unless of course, they visit UK Film Channel.

Free Movies UK

Our Free Movies section has a ton of fantastic short films and independent movies that you can stream completely free of charge. They are from filmmakers all around the world and the majority of them are in English. You will be able to pick using the rating given to each film from the respected film critics at UK Film Review.

5 Free Movies on UK Film Channel

This month, UK Film Review Editor-in-Chief and film critic Chris Olson gives his list of movies to watch without spending a penny.

1. The Golden Shore


Directed by Fred Cavender and one of the most impressive dystopian short films currently on the channel, this is a gloriously made short movie. Fans of science-fiction and drama will be in their element, as