Indie Filmmaker Interview with Robbie Walsh

Here on our Indie Film VOD Platform we are lucky enough to get enormous support from superb filmmakers. We caught up with just such a filmmaker, Robbie Walsh, to ask him all things movie related.

Robbie Walsh UK Film Channel Interview
Robbie Walsh UK Film Channel Interview

You have two movies on the UK Film Channel, Eden and S.P.L.I.T. why did you decide to add them?

As an independent filmmaker, getting distribution is very very difficult and without sales agents or a distribution company it's made even more so. Even after cinemas screened my 2 films within 6 months of each other, I couldn't get companies or agents to talk or discuss, so when the channel became available and it meant getting my films shown to a UK audience I was on board.

There was no way I could self distribute in the UK. It would be far too expensive for me, but the films can't just sit on a hard-drive, laptop or DVD, you have to get your work out to the public and let them see it.

What's the journey been like for you as a filmmaker? In terms of getting movies made and then getting them out there.

Tough, very tough, I'm an actor and film fan 1st and foremost but I wasn't getting called in for auditions or getting the parts I'd like to play, so I started to write short stories and scripts and would show them to friends or acting colleagues.

My 1st short film I made (ACES) I fought in a cage to get the money to make it (it ended up screening in Cannes Film Festival) so from the beginning I knew I had to work hard and develop a tough resolve to keep going in the face of constant rejection.